Marketing Journey

Last Edited On: May 2, 2024 @ 12:28 AM

I just finished a application that I created called Fides PDF. Quick summary it takes a pdf and turns it into a forms that you can fill out and takes the data from the form and inputs into the pdf and makes it downloadable.

Why have I built something like this well in my last job they had a process that I could fix with the process of automizing the exact procedure but also inputting it into a system (data entry). So I created a all rounder so that everyone can use the process, making it universal.

So coming back to the marketing side of things I have never done it before but I have a mate that does and worked with him for a bit and took some key notes from them. I wanted to spend a max amount of $10 a day per campaign.

The first ad that I have created was reddit it was amazing to see that my post has gathered within a day of 1.3k impressions and 4 clicks I didn’t think that was a whole lot but its always a start. I also seen from what countries and URLs they are clicking to come to the website though the analytical data that I have on my website.

The next day I set up Facebook ads and google ads. I wanted to setup twitter ads but I needed to be verified but that would take a week so I had to wait. So for the meta ads it was such a hassle because you have to set up the feature that manages the conversions on the site but you can leave it blank, and that’s what I did since I didn’t need to have any stats on that for now.

With the google ads it was the same with the meta ads it was a massive amount of things to setup the campaign. Well it took a while to get around the user interface, after finding out that the keywords get bid so I added a lot of keywords that I thought would bring in traffic. So I added USA in to include location section to show the ad in and that’s mostly all that I have setup .

After all of the set up was done it hit midnight and got a spike of users. I go to checkout the google analytics and see most of the clicks and budget got all used up but just right after midnight. I was socked and surprised, how and what happened. I went to see the analytics for the website and seen that all of the clicks and impressions were from one URL.

Most of the visits were from this website and 95% where from India. So I presumed a click farm how convenient… They used up all of the budget for the campaign within the span of 1 hour…

I googled a solution to prevent this from happening after some research and found a reddit user recommending that you ban all of the continents besides North America, Oceania and some parts of Europe. So that’s what was done after that the next day looked all good. While regarding the reddit and meta ads it was going slowly but surely.

Some time has passed and now I can create the twitter ad so I just copied over the post into twitter. The amount of impressions that was generated on twitter was much more than meta within just one day.

That’s were I am currently will keep this post updated.