Decisions and Stacks

Last Edited On: February 27, 2024 @ 12:07 AM

I have started to start my web dev journey with nextjs and yes I know there are a lot of other options out there like svelte, xhtml ext ext. During my student days I have already used React so that's the kind of the thought process of what was going on. While looking for learning what type of stack I should use I searched a lot around the internet on what's trending and what's new and hip. While later on coming to a concussion that it does not mater what you pick its what can be supported and still work, at the end of the day the cruel reality of a dev is that it does not mater how much you work, how many hours you put into your work but the only thing that maters is the result. As sad as this sounds its the cruel reality even you are as passionate about the tech, when I came into the industry that was a reality that I had to face but if you stand on the other side of the road it makes sense that only the result that matters.

While on the search on the tech I got into the community of devs, coming from a background of playing games I knew about twitch and there I found a couple of streamers that are passionate about what they do and how it works. One of the people that I have found was a streamer called ‘Theo’ famously known for the creation of the T3 stack, it was a shocker how he was not much older than I am but the difference in knowledge was just soo huge it was something that came to me in the back of my head of ‘am I good enough’ for this field? But mama didn’t raise no bitch. I went on a grind to become a good web dev, I started out with the t3 stack as I thought was a good starting point but after 100s of hours of coding I just defaulted to the default nextjs and just fell in love with their eco system on how easy it was to develop and deploy. I didn’t feel the need to use trpc and so I just used the T2 stack I guess but after learning why it was actually called T3 its not because of the technologies used but because of Theo’s naming was his name, it was mostly the community that presumed that's what it was being used for, the naming that is. Enough about taking about the stack and the technologies, I went on the grind to develop something that would be useful and perhaps would be a great use in my current job.

I was approached by a c-level employee and they have asked my to help them out in a small problem and if there is something that can be done to resolve the issue that they were having, I as currently employed at a logistics company. The use case that I had was that driver don't have the equipment to fill out the forms and to process the data, there were missing out on different freight because the company did not want to pay a massive amount of money to just get the drivers info from a different service that already does this but it was not justifiable for the company. After sometime of trying to understand the process on what was trying to be done along with the product that the other company offers.

I basically got the specification made after that I just on to create a quick draft of what was supposedly be the prototype. It was made and I have showed it to my director and to the other director that requested it. But there was a issue that occurred when I showed it to my director I had already got told off that was not what I was suppose to be doing and that I was wasting companies time because that was not my task. I seamed confused as it was a clear project that would generate more revenue as it was something that the company was missing out on, would say that an additional 3-7% would increase after explaining that it was to venture out to get more exposure for potential new income streams, he understood. But one thing that stuck out to me was how did he know that I was working on it ? My director WFH (works from home) and did not know that I was working on it since the prototype took me 1.5 weeks to create it was just a proof of concept so to say, it clicked my manager that assigns tasks grassed me out saying that I was not doing my ‘work’. I went back to the director that requested it and told him the situation saying that I cannot work on this during company hours and that he would need to contact my director, he said that it was already requested a year ago about the use case and that it was just ignored the request(its not that they ignored his request its just that the IT team was small and no one had coding knowledge that was in the office constantly, so an attempt was made but it got shelved). The the proposition of can you continue creating this application for the director in your spare time has been proposed, we came to agreement that I would open up a company and that I can do it as a subcontractor for him on the side while still being employed.

After the formalities have been done I have a company opened up and the product was finished but in the back of my head I could break down the problem that they had and make it even broader in a way that could apply to other industries, so that's what I did. I felt that the job that I as in was a decent job but if felt that I as getting hold back and hindered in my growth of a developer, after some consideration I have submitted by 2 weeks notice. I had the full support from my family and that is all I needed and a vision to put that into a product for my business, kind of a bold move that's true but I got some freelancing gigs on the side as well and after 3 months of 10 hour days of coding nonstop, I finished the product and was ready to pushed out to the real world. Now that I have finished the application that I was working on I started to also look for jobs as well since I can balance the work load of getting clients and working a 9 till 5. It was not as simple as I have though I am currently in this moment in time so all I can say that it is not easy to get a job as of now, and the amount of job applications that I have applied to are in the 50s. Now here is also a dilemma that I was thinking about if I spend the time and effort to look for the job that I would love to have and if its no its still a job, I could be spending that time in a different manner, what do I mean? well I could be coding away and learning more about the stack or even venturing out to different programming languages and perfecting them but I'm stuck by applying to jobs since its a job in itself.

That's the situation that I am in as of now I will keep this blog post posted.